What Is Glass Ionomer Sealant

We all know how effective the dental sealants can be in in order to prevent tooth decay. With the passage of time, new materials are also joining the process. The newer discovery in this regard is the ionomer sealant.

Sealants are usually applied to the erupting molars because it is hard for the children to clean those teeth with the help of brushing. Sealants fill the pits and fissures on those teeth, preventing them from getting decayed at the depths of the pits.

Materials used in the glass ionomer sealants are pretty different as compared to the normal sealants. Moreover, the process of application is also not the same.

Glass ionomer

You may wonder what glass ionomer is. It is basically a mixture of several materials such as liquid acid, glass powder and water. Acid in the mixture reacts with the glass powder, and this process makes the material stick with the wet surface of teeth. It also allows the water to pass through. In case you are going to traditional sealants, you will need to get the surface dried out before the solution is applied. Glass ionomer sealant doesn’t need the water to be dried out. It also dissolves in the mouth’s moist environment. Therefore, it is not the permanent solution for sealing the teeth.

Sealing the teeth

The sealant applied to the teeth must form proper seal. If it doesn’t, the bacteria can pass through the open ways and cause decay to the exposed portions of the teeth’s surfaces. In case, you are going for the application of resin-based sealants, you will need to get your teeth etched, cleaned and thoroughly dried before the sealant is applied. Fulfilling these prerequisites is important and it can be quite challenging.

Glass ionomer sealant can form the seal in pretty good way when there is no way you can dry out the tooth’s surface to be sealed. Moreover, the application of these sealants is also helpful when the fissures are too deeper.

Fluoride release

The best thing about glass ionomer sealant is that it releases the fluoride, which can be pretty helpful in the strengthening of the tooth enamel. Therefore, the reduced longevity of glass ionomer sealants may seem like a downside but the process of dissolution actually results in the release of fluoride ions, which can be pretty helpful in the strengthening of your teeth.

If you think that you or your child requires dental sealants, you need to talk to your dentist in order to determine what kind of sealant you can go for.

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